20's Lubi

My little sister

 You remind me of a former love that I once knew

 And you carry little peace with you

 We were holding hands walking through the middle of the street 
It’s fine with me I’m just taking in the scenery

You remind me of a few of my famous friends 
Well, that all depends what you qualify as friends

Take a chance, take your shoes off, dance in the rain
Yea, we're splashing around and the news spread all over town

I'm not complaining that it's raining,I'm just saying that I'd it a lot 
More than you think, if the sun would come out and sing with me

 Happy new year 2012

Aun no me creo que todo ha cambiado. Suele pasarme. Me doy cuenta de que las cosas pasan pero no soy consciente de ello. No me explico. But I like not having time to think. Me gusta que mis mayores agobios sean por dibujar. I like not feeling useless. I like DAI and GDA lessons singing with my uni friends. Noches con los amigos de siempre. Other nights with my sister and weird films or a guitar. I like winter. I like him. I like things to be just as they are

No me da pena dejar 2011 atrás. Está claro que no fue mi año. Pero como suele pasarme, I don't know why, al final no fue tan mal año.



 Nada que no sepáis


Time to pretend

Y ya que no tengo vida, os presento la de Clara. 

Es de esas personas a las que cojes asco porque es rubia, ojos azules, tiene demasiado estilo y hace unas fotos geniales.

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